Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Snapshot of a Bride-to-be's Week

Do I start every blog post off with how busy I've been? I guess it's getting a bit redundant.... :-P

This has been a very busy and productive week in Wedding Planning Central. Last Sunday I handed out the brdesmaid dress fabric to each of my bridesmaids. Half of the girls are sewing the dresses themselves, the other half are having someone else do it for them. The dresses are scheduled to be finished around the end of July--after which we're going to go out and have our pictures taken to celebrate. :-)

I've organized the time to pick up my piano from my aunt Denise. She's giving it to us as a wedding present, but it has to be taken by next week. It was a little more than just making a few phone calls, as I had to clean a fairly large storage shed where dad works in order to retrieve the trailer that was buried at the very bottom and very back. My brother Dallas was kind enough to help me out or that trailer would still be buried.

I got the envelopes and the first part of the addresses to a friend of mine who offered to address the invitation envelopes. She was eager to learn calligraphy, and I was eager to not do it myself, so it worked out pretty well all around. :P

I contacted about doing the flowers for the wedding.

I've done extensive research on apartments. I'm working with an apartment locator and have a decent list to start visiting in the near future. The next step is to find a decent Realtor in the area who can look for good deals on duplexes and houses. I am doubtful as to whether we'll find something like that in our price range, but if we don't look we DEFINITELY won't find anything.

I did some visiting around to plan a certain beloved man's wedding present. I'm almost as excited about the various wedding presents I'm planning for him as about the wedding. The presents will certainly be more fun to give than the wedding will be. :P But I'm stringing them out through the first six months anyway (if I can wait that long!) and possibly through the first year. We'll see.

I ordered my wedding dress (!!!!!!!!!!!). I went back and forth MANY times in deciding whether to order the dress, make it myself, or have it made. Eventually I settled on ordering it. The dress will be in in one month to six weeks. I can't WAIT!!! :-D

And that is a snapshot into a bride-to-be's week.

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