Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh, the joy!!

A couple days ago my mother casually suggested that I might consider going ahead and packing my stuff. At first I was surprised, but that only lasted about a second. Then I understood what she meant. The problem is my room. Though it is plenty large enough for my needs, it is NOT sufficient for both me and Wedding Planning Central. The result has been that even when I clean it it doesn't stay clean. There is just too much stuff. Mom figured, correctly, that if I would just go through it and pack what I won't be needing for the next three months, that would save me time down the road and help me function right now (I've been avoiding my room lately). My dear mother is brilliant.

 The first thing was to look on CraigsList for boxes. There was a place just 5 minutes from my house that had the boxes I needed. The listing was several days old, so I hurried over. They were still there--and the perfect size!!

I began packing immediately. First there was the garage. All the items I've been collecting needed to be packed properly, labeled, and sorted. It was a big job, bit a fun one. I'd forgotten a lot of what I had packed away!!! I made a lot of new discoveries,

Such as this set of flowerdy table things, most complements of my future grandmother, Mama Doll; with some help from mom.

It's all pretty, but that punch mug is my FAVORITE

I found a number of appliances that I'd completely forgotten about.

And then in my closet I found a set of crystal that used to be my grandmothers. It will serve for my wedding.

Not all of my discoveries were wedding related, either. I also found my all-time favorite pair of pants, rather the worse for wear, but full of memories. The paint stains from redoing out house. The holes in the knees from when Echo, the wild white mare, threw me into a rock pile. The ragged hem from many hours of work.

That was only the beginning of my packing endeavors, but it's getting late and I'm tired from all my hard work!! Suffice it to say, it's been a very productive weekend. :)

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