Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cooking With Sophie--The Lunch Edition

I love variety--I really do. But sometimes variety must come in very similar packages. My lunch is this way. If I want a wholesome tasty lunch it pretty much always must come in the form of a smoothie. Smoothies are easy to transport, easy to store, can be made days in advance and frozen, and are fairly wholesome provided I don't make them too strong (once I got a sugar high from my smoothie!!! I don't add sweetener to my shakes--the fruit did it. Now I always dilute my shakes with purified water).

This is what one of my shakes looks like before I blend it up. This one had a lot more color than my usual berry-only shakes, but I was in the mood to experiment!!

If I have time I try to add about one egg yolk per smoothie (generally I get 3-4 smoothies per batch, so this is about 4 egg yolks). I prefer mine cooked, so I add a tbs of water per yolk and boil, stirring rapidly until done.

I used 1 cup of coconut milk in this smoothie and a spoonful of mixed herbs. I added a squirt of lime juice as well, because we had it on hand. And here is the result:

Before I started this batch I told mom glibly that I liked making shakes because it was hard to mess them up. "You've gotta be some kidn of dumb to mess something up that is mainly fruit and coconut milk! What's to go wrong?"

Mom's raised eyebrow at the avacado should have been a warning, but it wasn't.

Final verdict? This particular combination wasn't the best. It's plenty tolerable, it just tastes like health food and I'm used to smoothies that taste... well... more like "healthy junk food." I should probably stick to mom's advice and start using 1-3 fruits in my smoothies.

But one thing I do know--no two smoothie recipes is ever exactly alike. And I do love variety!!

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