Monday, May 24, 2010

The Vision

When I got an email from Paperback Book Swap that The Vision, by Debi Pearl, had finally been posted on my wishlist I ordered it immediately. I've been a long time reader of the Pearl's material (Created to be His Helpmeet is one of my favorite books on marriage--I'd read it years before I had marriage on the brain) so when I heard Debi Pearl had taken her first foray into fiction I couldn't wait to read the results.

The Vision is the first book in the series The Last Publishers. The end times are coming nearer. A volcanic eruption looms in the future, threatening to wipe out most of the country. Demographics have changed in the United States, and muslim extremism is on the rise. White Supremist groups are gaining rapid popularity. Plagues are spreading, earthquakes frequent, and amidst all this a small band of people are determined to reach the lost world for Christ.

The book was a page turner. I finished it in two days or less. I loved how at the bottom of the page Mrs. Pearl would include snippits of facts, verses, or directions for further research. She put a lot of work into the book. I also enjoyed her characters. They were fun, interesting, and human.

All together, I will be reading this book again, I'm sure.

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