Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life has been busy, but very good.

Wedding planning is interesting. In March I had the wedding perfectly planned. I'd started addressing envelopes. The rough draft of the invitation had been made. The songs had been picked out. The bridesmaid dresses had been designed. The dye had been purchased and experiments were well under way. The pianist had been asked, the music delivered. And there was much more.

And yet now I find almost all of that has changed. The location of the wedding is different. The entire feel of the wedding has gone from VERY casual cowboy-esque party, to fairly formal. The number and identities of the bridesmaids have changed. The timing is different. The songs (I suspect) will change. And the fabric is changing as well.

The change of the fabric sounds like a minor change, but it isn't. The whole wedding has essentially been planned around a single type of fabric, linen, that would require individual dyeing of 6 different colors for the bridesmaid dresses in order to look right. I've been practicing my dyeing techniques for several months now. I selected the fabric because in Revelations chapter 19 the wedding dress of the bride of Christ is described as being pure white fine linen, which is the rightous works of the saints. A handmade white linen dress. I thought it would be neat to have that as a picture. I still do. Which is why I originally planned the wedding around that simple linen dress. But with less than 4 months to go to the wedding, the dress not even started, and the daunting thought of having to dye 35ish yards of fabric 6 different (but complementary) colors, in addition to making three of them myself... well... I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

This is similar to what I was going for--so similar that we've used it as a guide.

Hence the trip with Amanda today to Golden D'or Fabric Outlet. Oh, my goodness. What an AMAZING store. I love it. I decided before I went that the change in fabric would be based on three main things--first, I had to be able to find all six colors in the same type of fabric (no dyeing). Second, my linen has to sell on Ebay (I've got about $280 in linen fabric sitting in the corner of my room--I need to recoup at least $200 of that if I'm going to pay for this change). Third, I have to find someone to sew the wedding dress (as it won't be linen there is no real need for me to make it myself--especially as I have three BM dresses to make already).

The third thing shouldn't be too hard--I know a lot of seamstresses. The first two, on the other hand... well, they were going to be challenges. I looked at Joann's, and found 5 of the 6 colors. There was nothing similar to the coral, though. I thought that finished it--and the I found Golden D'Or.

And today I found ALL SIX colors!!! They are in a fabric I NEVER would have considered--not because I don't like it (I love chiffon!) but because it is difficult to sew on and expensive. But not at Golden D'Or. The most expensive of the 5 polyester chiffons (one is a silk chiffon, that elusive coral, and therefore more expensive) is $5 a yard.


At Joann's that stuff starts at $8.00 a yard and goes up from there. Of my fabrics the chiffon starts at $3.50. And goes up to $5. Tack on the lining (which is absolutely necessary with the sheer chiffon) and that bumps the price range up to $6.00-$7.50 a yard.

I can handle that.

So now I just have to find a seamstress and get that linen sold. :-)

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