Monday, April 5, 2010

An unusual holiday indeed, Part 1

 My Easter Dress

 It was Resurrection Sunday and church had just finished. Much to my delight I'd managed to stay awake the entire service--despite having my bestest girl friend over the evening before. We'd stayed up till an unmentionable hour curling hair, doing nails, and in general "prettifying" whilst talking about our respective men. In all our prettifying we must have forgotten about that one ingrediant known as "beauty rest," because we certainly didn't get much. Despite difficulty in getting up, I'd not only stayed awake the entire morning but also paid pretty good attention. Now church had let out and my Man suggested we take a walk around the church.

The day was not only special because its beauty and the fact that we were celebrating our Saviors resurrection, but also because it was my birthday. It doesn't happen often that the two dates coincide, and I'd been pretty excited about it happening this year. On top of that, my man had informed me earlier in the week that he was making a very special birthday present for me. Several nights we'd parted earlier than our habit so he could continue work on said present. When he invited me on the walk I eagerly accepted, and not just because I love walking with him (though I do, immensely). I also absolutely adore presents--particularly ones that are well thought out and take several days to make--and I knew that was what this walk was for.

My expectation did not go unfulfilled. Part way around the church we stopped, and my man pulled a little pouch out of his pocket. "Happy birthday, Baby."

Inside the pouch I discovered a beautiful diamond heart pendant. I admired it a few minutes, and then quickly removed the necklace I was wearing and clasped the new one around my neck.

"I know it isn't the diamond you were hoping for..." Richard's voice was apologetic, "but I hope it'll do until I can give you the other one." I assured him that I was perfectly satisfied with the gift, and added, tongue in cheek, that he'd never hear a word of complaint from me about any gift of diamonds he choose to give me.

Content though I was, there was one thing I wasn't satisfied with. "Wait--but you didn't make this." I asked as we continued our lap around the church, "So there are two gifts? What about the one you made? Do I get that one now?"


"Hey! But I thought you said I get that one now! You are giving it to me TODAY, right? It's my birthday, you know. You have to give it to me on my birthday."

"You'll get it today."

"But when?"


"Why later?" (as you can see, I'm a rather inquisitive person. Particularly when it comes to presents. Most particularly when it comes to surprise presents from my man that I know he's been working on for some time.)

"I can't give it to you now."

"Why not?

Richard just grinned at me. He loves dodging those questions just as much as I love asking them. Finally I had to acquiesce. Pry though I might, I couldn't get any further information about the mysterious handmade gift.

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