Saturday, April 3, 2010

My garden!

Back in January I got quite a bit of money in graduation presents. It was seriously amazing, I didn't actually realize that people gave money to graduates--at least, not anything different than a birthday present or something. I don't recall many monetary presents when I graduated high school. Most of the money elected to save as I have some rather large upcoming expenses in the (hopefully) near future. But there was one luxury I afforded myself from the graduation presents:

A garden!!

I took advantage of a 50% off-season sale from a mail order nursery that has a good reputation. Ever since I've been waiting with baited breath for the long awaited arrival of my plants. The first thing that came were my seeds. I planted them several weeks ago and they are already popping up!!!

The day before yesterday my bulbs arrived. I spent Thursday turning over all the dirt in my garden area with a shovel and mixing in peat-moss and compost. Friday morning I planted the Irises.

Friday evening the Freesia and Lilly of the Valley went in.

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