Monday, January 4, 2010

Mondays Reviews

One idea I had for this blog is to keep a record of good books and movies that I’ve read or seen. I know I’m always on the lookout for a good movie, and there are few things I like better than a good book. The problem is that it can be so hard to find good movies (or books!) that don’t attack the very fundamentals of what is right and good. I won’t only review the ones that are wholesome—if I happen to come across something I thought would be good but disappointed me, it can go in the record as well. I’ll go according to this rating

1—there were no redeeming qualities in this whatsoever
2—there were few redeeming qualities, not worth it
3—a complete waste of time, even if it could have been worse
4—Pretty good overall, though there were some concerns
5—This was a wholesome, Christ honoring movie.

Two years ago I made a commitment to not watch any movie that took the Lords name in vain. It really astonished me at first how much of our entertainment (music, movies, books, radio) is steeped in people using the Lords name disrespectfully. I really don’t think anyone can know the extent of t his without such a drastic commitment. Since then I have become much more sensitive to the blatant disrespect. Now when I hear my Lord’s name misused it feels like acid to my ears. Because of this, any movie I see or book I read that takes the Lord’s name in vain will not receive higher than a 4 (and most wouldn’t get that).

I’m going to start with the movie reviews, so look for the first one next week!!!

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