Saturday, January 30, 2010


January has been quite a month for me. It's been the strangest, most mixed up month I've had in awhile. Maybe right up there with last February, though for very different reasons.

I've been gone most of the month. First there was a trip to St. Louis with a friend of mine that was tons of fun. The next week my boss wasn't doing so well and needed around the clock care. The next week I helped out a lady at church by staying with her while her husband was gone. 4 boys, 7 and younger, all with colds. And I got the cold. Add to this the graduation and other things, and it was a pretty full month. Pretty emotional too, at times, considering the lack of sleep and the illness.

Miss Inez and me

But the past two days I've been home, and I've been loving it. I've planned my garden this year, and I'm absolutely thrilled with all the new plants I ordered. I spent more than I ever thought I would on a garden, but it's going to totally be worth it. I've baked, and sewed, and slept, and played, and cleaned, and rested.

And then yesterday my bestest friend 'Manda came over and we had a grand time dying fabric, making emergency runs to the store, and being kicked out of the store after getting the keys locked in the car in the rain on a very cold and dark night with the nearest spare a half hour away. Ahh, the good old times. :-P

Dying fabric with Amanda

Really, the thing most on my mind this weekend is how much I love being at home. Today I haven't done anything grand. I started a sewing project, I made banana bread, I started on the mountain of cleaning and laundry (a month of living out of a suitcase), I spent time with my little brother. Nothing extraordinary, just the mundane of ordinary life. And I love it.

I'm also amazed at how God provides. He has supplied all my needs so generously this month. He enabled me physically and mentally to make it through the rough spots. He has provided for some future needs. And even though the future seems a bit uncertain right now from my human perspective, I'm not afraid because my heart can safely trust Him.

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