Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day by Day

 This week was a full one for me. Probably one of the fullest I've had. From Saturday night last through this evening I've worked over 85 hours. I think I've recovered (a full nights sleep does wonders) but I sure did love spending most of today at home!!

Last Sunday my family started a course called Quieting a Noisy Soul. The name is pretty self explanatory--the purpose of the course is to learn how to quiet a soul noisy with worry, anxiety and stress by putting all your trust in God. I've only heard two sessions so far, but I am convinced that this 6 month course can be radically life changing if the student is willing to let the truths sink deep into their soul. As I've been thinking over the material this week I've been pondering areas in my life where I don't tend to be very trusting of God. I've identified two major areas so far, though I'm sure there are more.

I know in my head, of course, that God is completely in control. I absolutely trust him in my head. But my heart often sings a very different tune. Earlier this week I was giving myself a pat on the back, because although I'm aware that I worry a lot I hadn't been worrying about anything since I'd started the course! I even wondered if maybe, somehow, I'd actually gotten to the point that I totally trusted God and didn't need an extra help. Yeah... I know. "Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall." So, God graciously allowed something to happen this weekend that clarified that yes, I DO indeed need to work on deepening my trust in Him.

Of course.

It really amazes me sometimes how God can prove Himself faithful so many times in so many ways, and yet when some minor little thing comes up that skews our plans a bit we get all tied up in knots. Or at least I do. It's easy to gnaw at a problem like a dog with a bone, but ultimately that is no more than wasted energy. God is faithful to His children and is able to take the most horrible situation and make something lovely. God is also able to take the not-so-horrible day-to-day worries and use them to transform us into the image of His Son.

Such is the master we serve.

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